Before any action is taken on your property get the answers to these questions and any others you may have in writing from the Tumalo Irrigation District.

Why is there no valuation put on patron's loss of value to their property?

Will TID put my landscape back to what it was before piping?

Why is the pipe so large, 36" in diameter?

What about the impact on my land for a larger pipe specifically?

Why is the tree clearing and excavation so much wider than the pipe?

When will they cut your trees?

Will you guarantee that I will have a hook up ON MY LAND or are there cases where owners had to pipe across neighbors land to get their water?

If so, who assures a legal easement for that pipe?

What is their timeline for my land specifically?

How deep will they dig the ditch?

Where will they trench?

How will they make sure my pond still functions after they leave?

What costs I should expect to have to cover to make this system actually function with your system? (moving underground utilities for construction, dead tree removal after 2 years, refitting your system to work with theirs, pond overflow, etc).

Where can I see examples of successful native plant re establishment?

Who manages invasive species after you leave?

What is the criteria for tree cutting? Who makes the call?

Will I receive 100% of the water right that I own after piping?

Will TID make sure current patrons get full use before letting additional water rights?

Will our rates go up?